The Passion Test Workshop

Friday 13 May 2011 from 13.30 –17.00 hrs.(given in Dutch, workshop in English upon request)

Location: Boss & Wijnhoven, Maliebaan 9, Utrecht

Price: 50 euros (excluding the book The Passion Test)

Offer for Students: 50 euros including the book (worth 18 euros)

Are you ready to make your life more exciting!

Take the Passion Test:

  • Get clear about what you really want in your heart.
  • Feel more connected to your authentic self.
  • Be inspired to live a passionate life.

What to expect:

  • You learn the formula for a passionate life
  • You discover your Top 5 Passions
  • You score your top 5 passions
  • You learn the process of taking the passion test so you can apply it again yourself or with friends and family
  • You learn how to make ‘Markers’ in order to create more clarity
  • You learn ‘the secret’ that guarantees a passionate life
  • The follow-up exercises can be done at home using the book The Passion Test (during the workshop available for € 18, -)


  • A clear compass for your life
  • Renewed energy and vitality
  • More peace of mind
  • More meaning in your life, joy and fulfillment

There are no current English workshops scheduled.  If you would like to schedule a workshop or interested in future workshops, please let us know.  You may contact Bernardine by sending an email to or call Bernardine at 06-14124104

Hi Bernardine,
I’d like to give you an update on how things are going with me since I did the Passion Test Workshop with you in January this year.
The Passion Test that I have done with you has helped me tremendously. I have learned to set priorities. Priority number one was to process all the old ‘crap’ from my past and to become happy and healthy. I succeeded. The Passion Test and You inspired me to focus on what’s important in life.
Read full testimonial here…

I found the workshop surprising!
I was looking for a bit more fun in the things I do. I also wanted to figure out what is really important for me in terms of work, because I will soon go looking for a new job. By doing the test I discovered that other passions were more important than I previously thought. It has given me a starting point for positive change.
The workshop was enlightening, surprising and fun to do!
AK, PhD student, Utrecht

The reason for following the Passion Test workshop with Bernardine was the fact that I had been looking for years for what it is I really want. I am currently in a job that is becoming less and less interesting and I just wanted something fun to do.
The workshop was very fun to do.
Bernadine’s enthusiasm is very infectious! And she clearly explains how it works.
I discovered that I have many more passions than I thought possible.
Susan, De Bilt

I needed a big stick to get myself started with my quest for what I want. With this workshop I now made a step in the right direction.
It was a fun workshop, relaxed atmosphere.
I learned to first check out my feelings about what is important, without thinking about the HOW.
It was good to work in such a practical, concrete way.
The nice thing I discovered is that I now walk around with new ideas in my mind for something creative to do, making a documentary, not now, but I can already make a start with steps toward it!
MD, unemployed, Utrecht

I signed up for the passion test because I did not have enough moments of enjoyment in my life. I found the workshop inspiring and fun.
I discovered that if I am fully present in my relationships, my intuition naturally follows. I had the book The Passion Test at home for a while, but now I am really going to do something with it. Through the The Passion Test I feel driven to action. And then let go.
Enthusiasm is contagious and believing in yourself as well.
A.S., Hilversum

I wanted to find out which direction I want to take (career mainly) by listening to my feelings. The workshop was useful and motivating.
It was a pleasant experience, a pleasant group and a peaceful environment.
I learned about setting priorities.
I feel slightly more able to listen to my heart through asking the right questions and the use of visualizations. I think this is a step in the right direction.
The passion test was for me a motivating instruction that marks the beginning of a passionate life. You’re going to feel excited to start living your passions after doing the passion test and get into action.
E.M. social geographer, Utrecht

My reason for doing the passion test was that I wanted to change things in my life (including work) but was not sure where to begin because I do not know exactly what I want to achieve.
The workshop was inspiring.
It was nice that we left with a specific list of passions after the workshop. I enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere. All the examples that were given clarified the idea.
I have discovered that I really do have passions and want to live them.
It has brought me a hopeful feeling.
MS, project officer Utrecht University, Utrecht

The workshop was AWESOME!
I have learned to make choices (I have a tendency to doubt a lot:-)
Afterwards I felt excitement, the challenge to take on action.
I went home with my TOP 5 passions and I’m ready to go for it!
Bernardine’s enthusiasm is infectious. She knows how to keep your attention focused with entertaining anecdotes and interactivity.
The day after the workshop I immediately completed the homework exercises. That evening I was overcome by a sudden feeling of happiness:
I am moved by joy because I now consciously think about my passions in life. What a beautiful realization!
W.v/d H. – Social Worker, Zeist

A very inspiring workshop, not least because of the humor and inspiration of Bernardine. Gives food for thought for days and ammunition for discussions with partners and friends. My passions were very different from what I expected and that was an interesting discovery. The exercise with the classification of the top 5 passions I found enlightening. If you want a time out where the blood really itching to go … Great fun! I think this is also enjoyable to do with a group of friends or colleagues.
Ageeth Noordhof – freelance journalist, Amersfoort

I found the workshop very inspiring and valuable!
The main thing I’ve learned is to get clear about my passions. Also to compare and notice what it feels like when you visualize your passion.
It has brought me my top 5 passions, plus great tools to get started. And a good book.
The Passion Test is a fun and practical way to clarify your passions.
Charon van Buuren – Cultural Entrepreneur: Booking, production, sound and lighting – Utrecht

I found the Passion Test difficult, but the beginning of something promising.
The main thing I’ve learned is to distinguish between choices made by your head and choices made with your heart.
It has caused me to feel restless, because now I need / want to deal with difficult issues.
NB – Just graduated – Utrecht

I found the workshop fun and empowering!
The main thing I’ve learned is to trust that if you follow your passion and take action that the rest will follow, so: no tension.
And I found out my top 5 is different than I thought. I’m looking forward to work with my passions and giving shape to them.
Bernardine makes the passion test very clear and brings it to life with her anecdotes and advice. Highly recommended!
AT – Student, Utrecht

I found the workshop enlightening and inspiring.
Clear about your passions and living is important, then the rest will come good.
It has given me food for thought, my top 5 passions were different I thought.
A must for anyone who is looking after himself!
JM – Student – Utrecht

I found the workshop enlightening!
The Passion Test has taught me my passions and my clearly formulate the handles that will allow my passions to live.
It has brought me a calmer feeling.
MP – Housing Officer, Utrecht

I found the workshop in one word: Enthusing!
With the Passion Test, I gained clarity and refinement of my passions.
Thanks for the inspiring workshop!
Christel van Dijk – Reader / Healer, Utrecht

I found the workshop inspiring!
The most important thing I learned is to believe in it and give it positive attention. The passions that I have are good, I go for it!
Passions, “Making life more beautiful”.
RR – Oncology Nursing Consultant, Amersfoort