From a recent class Bernardine taught at the Cultural Center of the University of Utrecht:

Bernardine is cheerful and brings depth into her classes in a light and pleasant way. She also explains the exercises in a clear way.

Bernardine sparkles, has an open personality and is authentic. With her I learned to be myself and to look beyond.

I have been following Dru Yoga classes with Bernardine and learned a lot from her. The lessons are fun and relaxing and she gives clear instructions.

An incredible, nice woman. The lessons vary a lot and she regularly explains the purpose of the exercises we do.

Bernardine teaches in an enthusiastic and professional way.

Bernardine is a good teacher and patient. She creates a natural, unconstrained atmosphere which is great when you practice yoga with people you don’t know. She always emphasizes what you do well, she never focuses on what you do wrong.

Bernardine is joyful and explains all exercises very well in a way that is suitable for beginners and more experienced students. She is very capable of lifting up any differences in the levels of experience in the group. She speaks openly about general life lessons in a practical way.

Bernardine is a very nice teacher. The lessons are informative and relaxing. The atmosphere she creates is easy going. Each lesson is inspiring.