The Passion Test

TPTIsn’t it time to follow your heart?

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”
(Marc Chagall)

Would you like to become clear about what it is you really want?

“The number one reason people don’t get what they want is that they don’t know what they want” (Janet Attwood & Chris Attwood)

With the Passion Test you will get clarity about your TOP 5 passions

Finally you’ll have a compass that gives you a direction in life!

We all need a personal destination to give meaning to our lives. Even you don’t know your personal destination yet, your passions will point you in the right direction.

Each one of us has personal longings, unique gifts and talents to offer to the world. Once we share those gifts and talents and follow our heart, we will experience joy and fulfillment.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”
(Nelson Mandela)

The Passion Test 1on1 sessions

The Passion Test 1on1 consists of two sessions of one and a half hour each, with approximately one week between the two sessions.

If you choose to work Face to Face, you are welcome in my garden house for the sessions.

Alternatively you can opt for telephone or Skype sessions.

As soon as you have registered for the One-on-One’s, we will connect by phone or email to schedule our first session.

You will then receive an email with information about how you can prepare for our first session. You will make a list of things that are of great importance for your happiness in this moment. It’s about that what gives you energy when you think about it, what makes you tick and creates sparkles inside.

During the first session we will talk about what life looks like when you follow your passions. The formula for a passionate life is explained to you: INTENTION – ATTENTION – NO TENSION.

We will then use your list for actually doing The Passion Test. With this simple yet profound and effective method you will discover your TOP 5 passions! You will become familiarized with the system of the passion test so you will be able to take the passion test at home by yourself. It is recommended to do the passion test every 6 months, since passion may change over time.

It is exciting, a bit scary and often surprising. Sometimes it confirms what you already know deep inside. Mostly, reading your top 5 passions will result in you saying: ‘Yes’, this feels exactly right.

After scoring your passions you will be explained how to create markers for each of your passions.

In between the two sessions you will work with your markers to make your passions more specific. You will send these by mail and bring them to the next session.

During the 2nd session we will review your markers and will discuss more deeply how to live a passionate life. We investigate negative beliefs that limit or block you in living your passions. We use The Work of Byron Katie to undo negative beliefs. The ‘Ohm-work’ that you will receive after the second session is designed to help you become even more clear about what your passions mean. Remember: Clarity = Power!

Off course I remain available for you by email or phone in case you have any questions.

The standard price of The Passion Test is 250 euro

This includes 2 sessions of one and a half hour plus the book The Passion Test and support by email and phone.

Summer Special ! Only valid in the months of July and August: 150,- euro (excl. the book)

The Passion Test Workshop

During the Passion Test Workshop you will be inspired to live a passionate life.

The formula  INTENTION – ATTENTION – NO TENSION will be explained to you.

You will hear the secret key that guarantees a passionate life..

After a thorough explanation of how the system works, the actual Passion Test, you will split up in pairs to take each other through the Passion Test. You will get clear on your TOP 5 passions!

You will be able to repeat the passion test yourself at home and know how to create your own markers. Also, you are going to score your top 5 passions. Additional exercises you can do at home with help of the book.

Dru Yoga and the Passion Test – 1 Day Workshop (09.00 – 17.00 uur)

Two methods that will help you to follow your heart.

You will begin the morning with Dru Yoga. This will open your heart and will relax and energize you. Conscious body work sets the energy in motion and causes energy blocks to release. It frees up your mind so you can think clearly, while at the same time it becomes easier to stay centered and connected with your heart. With the Passion Test it is important to let yourself be guided by your heart instead of the mind. Dru Yoga assists you with that. And on top of that you will feel great: Rested, energized and joyful.

After the yoga you will receive instructions and explanations about making your list of passions. You will work with this list in the Passion Test afternoon session. You will get plenty of time to draft your list. In the meadow you can lie down and ‘daydream’ about how your ideal life looks like (tips will be handed to you). You may also go for a walk and privately contemplate the life you wish to create from your heart. I will be available for any questions and support. Once you have made a list of minimum 10 things that are of great importance to your life and happiness, you may put your list aside and enjoy your lunch.

After lunch we will do the Passion Test. You will become clear about your TOP 5 passions. You will become familiar with the system so you can repeat it at home again and again. Also you will score your passions. Finally you will learn how to create your markers and other exercises that you can do at home to be come even clearer and specific. Your ‘Ohm-work’. Remember: Clarity = Power.

The price of this workshop is 120 euro including lunch and the book The Passion Test.

Listing the benefits – compare the various Passion Test services:

The benefit of the PT 1on1 sessions:

  • Personal coaching, more time for you!
  • Private and confidential, room for all your emotions and insecurities.
  • An experienced professional facilitator guides you throught the passion test and makes brings you back to the heart when necessary. (Often when you do the passion test alone or with a person less experienced, you tend to drift off to our head).
  • You will go deeper. You also look at negative beliefs that prevent you from living your passions. You will also learn about Nature’s guidance system and how to move from being contracted to being expanded.
  • Your facilitator acts as your accountability partner. Chances of you succeeding with your ‘ohm-work’ is far greater when you both decide on a deadline. Your success in realizing your passions is directly dependant on the clarity you create.

The advantages of the PT workshop:

  • Cheaper than 1on1 sessions, still able to discover your top 5 passions
  • Nice to work in a group, stimulating, motivating
  • Enough knowledge and experience to continue the process of getting more clarity on your passions at home by yourself.

Reasons for doing the Dru Yoga + Passion Test workshop:

  • A whole day working with the power of your heart feels great.
  • Your heart is being opened and activated so you are open, with a clear mind and a relaxed and energized body. From this space you will feel the inner strength and confidence to work with your passions.
  • You will get space and time in order to dream. You will give yourself permission to dare think about your passions. No excuses or procrastination. At home you are easily distracted.
  • Support and guidance during the making of your list of passions
  • A bond with people that want to follow their heart just like you and all find it a bit scary. You notice that you are not alone. You inspire and support each other.

A day that creates balance in Body-Heart-Mind:

  • Inside / outside
  • Active / relaxed
  • Working with your body, heart and mind.
  • Time for yourself, a day that will double your energy!