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Hi Bernardine,
I’d like to give you an update on how things are going with me since I did the Passion Test Workshop with you in January this year.
The Passion Test that I have done with you has helped me tremendously. I have learned to set priorities. Priority number one was to process all the old ‘crap’ from my past and to become happy and healthy. I succeeded. The Passion Test and You inspired me to focus on what’s important in life. Read full testimonial…

My intuition was right: NLP has been an overwhelming success for me, and it is getting even better. In March I followed an intensive NLP Practitioner training, and during and after that things really speeded up. The vast majority of my limiting beliefs I turned into positive beliefs that empower me and enable me to do great things. I feel better and happier than ever before. I’ve become who I am. I am working a lot with the power of my subconscious now.

I have discovered so many skills which I already had unconsciously, but my conscious mind blocked or did not see … It really is incredible, Bernardine. And you’ve helped make that possible. Thanks for that.

I am now more relaxed in life now I trust my unconscious. I also have no negative beliefs anymore about love relationships.

At the moment I’m still applying for jobs, and it seems things are really moving in the right direction. I am making big progress in the selection procedures with recruitment agencies. My main job will be consultant of a temp agency, and my ‘side’ job (but the profession where I acquire most skills, and that will continue to grow in the long term is important) will be NLP coach.

I already coach high school students who are convinced that they have dyslexia, or that have low self esteem. It’s great to see how fast it’s working and how quickly you can help people create positive change once they are willing to make the effort. This was actually the reason why I was teaching, and now I know that I can deliver as an NLP coach: children / adolescents / adults with a difficult childhood or have had a difficult time, or experience other problems. I can guide them, inspire and help them. Especially helping people overcoming limiting beliefs.

You have helped to make this all possible.

Love and eternal thanks,

Arjan T.