Welcome to Heart Alignment

Are you yearning to live your authentic self?

Do you wish to experience a life of joy and fulfillment?

If you answered yes, you will need to live in line with your heart!

Follow your heart and joy!

Sometimes you may find you are at a crossroad in your life and don’t know what you really want. I am here to help you gain clarity on your passions.

People also seek me out because they suffer from one or more of the following issues:

  • Stress ~ which shows up in many ways like: physical tension, a full and overly busy mind
  • Emotional imbalance ~ fear, sadness, overall feeling ‘wobbly’
  • Lack of confidence ~ insecure at work or in personal life
  • Lack of self love
  • No clear direction and purpose in life, unfulfilled, not doing what they love

They may experience problems to some extend in any of these areas:

  • Health problems ~ like a lack of energy, back pain or feeling depressed and unfulfilled.
  • Difficulties at work ~ lack of focus, not being efficient, unable to enjoy and getting work done
  • Relationship problems ~ people might suffer from difficult communication with colleagues at work or at home with their partner, family or friends
  • Negative thinking ~ a strong Inner Critic, worrying a lot, suffering from emotional pain
  • Not living according to their real self ~ not doing what they love in work or personal life

The solution to healing yourself and any of these problems lies in the power of your own heart!

While the heart holds the answer, it is my experience that working with the body, the heart and the mind provides you with the most powerful, transformational instruments that unlock the doors to your heart. You have inside of you all these tremendous tools to make a positive shift towards happiness.

Bernadine van der Horst

As the founder of Heart Alignment I help Young Professionals to follow their heart, especially women in the area of Utrecht!

Aligning Body and Mind with the Power of the Heart has become the key formula for my success.  I am here to give you loving support in helping you live your passions and realize your dreams.

I offer the following services:

Dru Yoga is often referred to as the yoga of the heart. It is a perfect way to release stress and increase your energy levels with 50-100%. It will help you to become more aware of your body, mind and emotions. Self awareness is worth gold! With weekly Dru Yoga classes you also build inner strength and self-confidence. It will give your practical tools to manage your emotions and create a 180 degree positive turnaround in your thinking and feeling, which will help you to follow your heart.

The Passion Test will help you clarify what it is you really want. In order to follow your heart, you first need to be totally clear about your heart’s desire. If you’re not 100% clear, you won’t realize your dreams. Most people rather make grocery shopping lists than thinking about what they really want. It’s scary.  Yes, I know.  But this is your life you are talking about! You can do the Passion Test 1-on-1 or in a workshop. You choose.

Once you know what your passions are, you want to live them. Again, it’s scary! Change is scary. Leaving your comfort zone is scary. So you need some guidance. We all do.

So I am here to give you loving support in helping you living your passions and realize your dreams.

That is why I created The Conscious Co-Creator. A program that teaches you to be a conscious co-creator of your life.

This is for those people that really want to go for it!

It can be confronting, exciting, a little scary sometimes.

The great news though: The value of this program is very high! Your joy and fulfillment will dramatically increase. You will become more successful in living your passions!

In my mentoring program you will work with your body, heart and mind. I will be sharing universal principles and ancient wisdom (that helped me) with you. And we will practically apply that wisdom so you can experience the effects in your personal life. We will include many Dru Yoga techniques to open your heart, experience a natural inner joy, raising your energy levels and creating a positive turnaround in your thinking and feeling, allowing you to feel good NOW and attract even more good.

We tackle obstacles you may come across whilst living your passions, especially negative beliefs that block you in living a passionate life.