Dru Yoga

Dru YogaFeeling relaxed, energized and joyful! Does that sound like something you would like? Practicing Dru Yoga works! Even with one class per week you will experience that it’s a great way to relax and increase your vitality. Flowing movements make the energy flow more freely, bringing physical, emotional and mental balance. By combining gentle and powerful movements, alternating active and relaxing exercises, you will be able to relax and ease your mind. You self confidence will improve, you will experience mental clarity. Dru yoga works specifically with the power of the heart. The lessons on music are light and cheerful. At the same time the wisdom that is shared during the classes hold a great depth.

Dru Yoga comes from an ancient Indian tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. This form of yoga is being taught by Dru worldwide for more than 25 years in many countries of the world. Dru Yoga is often referred to as the yoga of the heart and is easy accessible for everyone. It is based on flowing movements, unique sequences, visualizations and controlled breathing on the natural rhythm of the movements. The joints are kept soft to promote energy flow like in tai chi. There is great power in this gentle form.

Dru yoga classes by Heart Alignment are primarily targeted to young professionals, mainly women. However, Men and people of all ages are very welcome too! The lessons are fun and uplifting. Bernardine shares her love, light and wisdom with you, empowering you to be you!

You are welcome to call for a trial lesson!

dru yoga dvd

Dru Yoga DVD for inner strength and self confidence
(including CD with MP3 files for your ipod)
Available in English!
If you want to follow your heart…You need Inner Strength and Self Confidence. That is why I have made this DVD to help you. It contains the exercises that have helped me most, and I know that you will feel the benefits immediately!